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Teens and adults alike have a common burning problem with their skin called acne. Acne is a severe skin disorder that most teenagers and even a few grown up adults have to face at some point of their life. But, you always have the options to fight acne and prevent their breakouts on your skin by simply following a few basic skin care regimes. Get rid of acne with proper treatment once you know the cause and factors leading to outbreaks.

well, if you are not aware about the basic factors that lead to acne, have a look at these primary reasons that cause acne on your face.

Factors leading to acne
•oily skin
•Hormonal imbalance
•clogged and dirty skin
•bacterial infections
•vitamin deficiency
•Sensitivity to cosmetic products
Now that you are aware about the factors that lead to acne, it gets easier to identify the reason for those red painful acnes you have on your skin. moreover, once you know the cause, it gets easier to get rid of acne by following the right acne treatments for your skin.

•if you have an oily skin, you should avoid the consumption of fatty and processed food items. oily food increases the oil formation on your skin and thus leads to acne on your face. in order to get rid of acne or prevent them, wash your face at least 2-3 times everyday using an oil free face-wash. Also, avoid application of oily cosmetic products.
•acne caused due to hormonal imbalance is difficult to cure with the basic acne treatments. consult a doctor and follow the prescribed treatment procedure for the best results.
•Never touch your face with your dirty fingers or hands. Also, squeezing or popping out the pimples is not a solution to cure acne. instead, it will only spread the bacterial infection further and increasing acne on your skin.
•follow a balanced diet that is rich in vitamin A, B, C and E. these vitamins are good for your skin and helps prevent acne on your face. They also help in enhancing your skin condition.
•Sleep is very essential for preventing acne. sleep for about 7 hours and change your lifestyle for a better glowing and healthy skin.
•Avoid the use of too many skin products. our skin is extremely sensitive and needs proper care. you should use only those products that suit your skin type or are prescribed by your doctor. avoid the use of harsh soaps and cosmetic products. if you use cosmetic, make sure you use the oil-free makeup that is completely harmless for your skin.
•cleanse your skin properly everyday with a mild face wash with natural products such as tea tree oil, etc. that helps you get rid of acne from your face. Cleaning your skin properly avoids the clogging of your pores which otherwise, give rise to blackheads or acne.
•use natural skin care products such as a pack of honey and tomato pulp that affects deep within your skin and helps treat acne naturally. You can also apply tea tree oil to your skin for curing acne. tea tree oil has miraculous effects on our skin and helps get rid of acne from the roots. it also increases the healing capacity of your skin. rubbing ice packs on your acne prone skin also acts as a treatment for acne. the ice soothes any inflammation or irritation that is caused to your skin.

So, take care of your skin thoroughly and get rid of acne naturally to welcome a glowing and healthy skin.

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